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5 don'ts with your Hair Brush

La Bonne Brosse is the investment of a lifetime. You have to look after it, just as it looks after you. There are 5 essential things not to do with your brush:. If your brush has an odour, it's probably due to the moisture on the boar hair. This is b

About the bristles of my Hair Brush

Our Bonne Brosse are made from high-quality natural bristles of varying sizes and strength. That's also why they meet each hair strand by strand. The nylon fibres we've selected are extremely supple, providing a very gentle massage that's absolutely

Clean and maintain your Brush

Here's a quick guide on how to maintain your brush:. 1. Cleaning. If your brush contains boar bristles, we advise you to remove any hair from the brush pad after each use. For a thorough clean, we recommend using a microfibre or an old sticker, wrapp

Static electricity

Depending on your hair type, the rubbing of our exceptionally tightly-packed fibres, which grip each hair as they care for it, can have the effect of creating electricity. The more your hair is cared for and brushed, the less this effect should appea

Our 21-day programme

As soon as you become the proud owner of a Bonne Brosse, you'll receive our advice by email on how to get the most out of the product. We'll be by your side day after day to help you enjoy the benefits of top-quality brushing. This programme is exclu