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Personalization of my Hair Brush

Our personalization service is ephemeral for the moment because it is a handmade performance. To be kept posted of the next one, subscribe to our newsletter.

My Hair Brush is damaged

The small "hole" in the rubber is perfectly normal! This is made to allow air to circulate under the rubber cushion, to make brushing even smoother and to fit to the shape of the skull during a massage. If you are facing another issue, please contact

Dimensions of my Hair Brush

La Bonne Brosse is 23cm long, weighs around 150g and is made up of 11 rows of fibres!. La Petite Brosse, the small one, is 17cm long, weighs around 110g depending on the model, and is made up of 7 rows of fibres. The best thing about La Petite Brosse

Price of my Hair Brush

The price is thought to be the right one for a high quality object entirely made in France by craftsmen using traditional techniques. At La Bonne Brosse we only use the best quality boar hair (what we call the first cut) which is usually reserved for