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5 don'ts with your Hair BrushUpdated 6 months ago

La Bonne Brosse is the investment of a lifetime. You have to look after it, just as it looks after you. 

There are 5 essential things not to do with your brush:

  • Do not immerse it in water (except for the N.04, which tolerates water very well), but you can use it with damp hair.
  • Do not soap it 
  • Do not use it with a hairdryer
  • Do not put it in any substance: bleach, vinegar, boil it, etc.
  • Do not put it in a lice head: If you do, remove the hair from the brush, clean it, put it in a freezer bag and then put it in the freezer for 48 hours

If your brush has an odour, it's probably due to the moisture on the boar hair. This is because animal hair is water-repellent, meaning that it will resist water thanks to its physical properties, but this 'act' of resistance can give off a slight odour. 

That said, don't worry:

1. The smell should dissipate after a few uses

2. You can continue to use your brush on damp hair. However, we recommend that you towel-dry your hair to :

- detangle hair gently - the wetter it is, the more elastic it becomes and the greater the risk of breakage, so it's better to detangle it when it's well towel-dried...  

- avoid soaking the boar's hair

3. After using on damp hair, dry your brush thoroughly, upside down if possible

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