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About the bristles of my Hair BrushUpdated 6 months ago

Our Bonne Brosse are made from high-quality natural bristles of varying sizes and strength. That's also why they meet each hair strand by strand. The nylon fibres we've selected are extremely supple, providing a very gentle massage that's absolutely non-irritating and at the same time very effective on the scalp's micro-circulation. And that's what makes our tapering technique so effective when brushing!

The fact that some of the finer boar bristles may move slightly over time in no way detracts from the quality of the brushing, but is a sign that the brush is alive and kicking.

What's more, our ultra-flexible rubber cushion allows each bristle to move during brushing to adapt to the shape of your skull. So that's a sign of efficiency...

The natural fibres should gradually regain their shape, and you can gently guide them with your fingers to restore their straightness....

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